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December 22, 2013

Here are some blogs that I read and enjoy:

I’m also collecting a comprehensive list of New Thought Authors who are bloggers.  Stay tuned for more information.



An Urgent Call To Action – Sit Still!

September 19, 2013

Today’s world is faced with significant challenging issue, including shifting climate, the quality of the planet’s water, world hunger, a seemingly out of control economy, deforestation, and terrorism to mention a few. I recently searched the web for the phrase, “top ten urgent world issues” to discover more than one compelling list of urgent calls to action.  After reading a few pages of powerfully stated articles I sank back in my chair like so many people do when overwhelmed with the growing complexity of the world, and felt momentarily paralyzed. I wanted to escape the responsibility I was feeling to do something and at the same time I was reaching in my mind for that action I could take today that would make a difference.

Read the rest of the article here, on Patheos’ Spiritual Living Blog


Balinese Hand Carved Stone Statuary Garden Accents

September 8, 2013

My friend William Abel has started importing hand carved Balinese stone statuary and has started a garden accent business. The pieces are amazing and can be seen on his site here:


The name of his business is Gayatri Garden Accents.

He sometimes loans pieces to me to decorate stages. The are beautiful. Some are river rock, others lava rock and some limestone.


Sahar asks, who am I really?

August 17, 2013



Beyond (or behind) the perceived struggle there is an awareness that has always watched our thoughts and the drama of our lives. It’s like a movie screen in a theater upon which the movie is projected. Although the movie is cast upon it, it remains free from what is projected upon it. The drama has all kinds of characters, activities and perspectives, yet the “screen” is none of these. This “witness” (as it is called in Eastern Mysticism) watches our thoughts, emotions and even our dreams.  I consider this “witness” our doorway to The Infinite Life 


Antonia’s Senior Moments: On Giving

August 17, 2013

          Everyone has something to give. It can be money or something that costs a little or a lot, or it can be that smile, or support, love, energy or just attention.  Whatever the gift, it carries with it a transformative power of love and connection that radiates throughout the universe. Giving encourages, empowers, nurtures and inspires all who come into contact with it.


How Hard Can It Be?

August 17, 2013

Dr. Margaret Stortz, our speaker for the Free Event at Stepping Stones Books & Gifts in August, recently published a very interesting article in the August issue of Science of Mind Magazine.  The title is How Hard Can It Be?and in it she talks about efforts she has made to simplify her life.  We think you will enjoy reading the the excerpt below and, if you want to read the entire article, click on “Read more”, or pick up the August copy of Science of Mind Magazine.  And, don’t forget to join us here for an evening with Dr. Margaret on August 30.
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Back to Back

August 17, 2013

Back to Back

Black and White photography, new blog by Tish Eugenio

My iPhone Photography Blog

August 16, 2013

My iPhone Photography Blog

Hi, this is my iPhone photography page where I share some of the images that catch my eye while I wonder through our amazing world.

The Way of Peace

August 10, 2013

With The Way of Peace, spiritual philosopher James Allen offers a guidebook for a more satisfying and graceful way of living peacefully, no matter what is going on around you. Allen offers a strategy that includes service to others, loving selflessly, meditation and how to be sincere and truthful in all situations.

From Randall Friesen’s blog where he highlights gender inclusive, updated language, public domain classics from metaphysical literature.


Who Doesn’t Love a Freebie?

August 8, 2013

Send a card out free, well on Julie’s tab, she invites us to do so in her latest blog. Awesome!